Fully Fund Oregon Schools

This amendment creates a dedicated K through 12 education fund and fully funds it through a $5 billion yearly funding increase, by taxing assets over $50 million. Taxpayers with over $50 million net assets (all property, most of which is financial) will pay 2.5% assets tax per year.

Together we can help:

  • Triple capital construction statewide by replacing the need for local school bonds.
  • Fund smaller class sizes, electives and extracurricular options, a nurse at school for when kids get sick, more days of school, voluntary after-school and summer school for 20% of kids most in need, basic supplies, bussing.
  • Directly hire 60,000 new full-time jobs: teachers, support staff, construction workers.

Your $ counts.

  • $29 will cause one child to have K through 12 education fully funded.
  • $2.9 million will cause 100,000 kids to have fully funded K through 12 education and hire 10,000 new jobs, causing full funding for 200 schools.

Three ways to contribute:


Steering Committee:

Susan Stoltenberg

Mary C King
Mary C. King

Lenny Dee

Russ Finkelstein

Alex Linsker

Some of the Endorsers:
Religious: Gerald Griffin, Pastor of Bridgetown: A Jesus Church; First Unitarian Church of Portland’s Economic Justice Action Group; Eli Gregory at Moishe House Portland; Rev. Connie Yost.
Families: Portland Homeless Family Solutions. Education: Hyung Nam; Kari Schlosshauer.
Environmental: Mark Gamba, Milwaukee City Mayor; Daphne Wysham, Director of Sustainable Energy & Economy Network.
Business owners: Jerry Ketel, Tyler Booth, Eli Spevak, Jeff Elbel, Collective Agency.
Legal: Arnie Pedowitz. Jeff Cogen, former Multnomah County Chair.
The amendment is supported by hundreds more volunteers and donors.


Timeline: 2012-2015: Policy research and polling: 1,600 people polled statewide. When asked how they would vote today, 54% of likely voters support, 29% oppose, and 17% say they don’t know.
2015+: The next step is to build the executive committee, do outreach through mailing lists, raise money, and submit signatures ($500,000). Then ads and staff ($2-$3 million total can win; $15 million will guarantee a win). Then the vote. Then follow-up on the law being implemented and Oregonians’ awareness of how it’s working.