Supporting Fully Fund Oregon Schools in the ways that excite you and that you’re great at, is best.

Telling the people and groups you know, and advocating for them to support, is important. You have relationships that no one else has — with legislators, with leaders of groups, with friends. Your asking them to support, and telling them how you’ve supported, is what grows Fully Fund Oregon Schools.

Your group or company endorsing is valuable. Your writing why you care, or making a video where you talk into the camera about why you care, or drawing why you care, is helpful.

Financial contributions are important too.

How would you like to support? Other ways people like to support include organizing house parties, gathering signatures, public speaking, emailing journalists, and much more. Email council@fullyfundoregonschools.org with how you’d like to help us get results, or call Alex at (503) 517-6904 during business hours.